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iProfiler Enterprise


iProfiler Enterprise is a powerful data imaging and data extraction solution catering to inaccurate and mundane data entry issues faced every day. With automatic form capturing and classification and classification technology. iProfiler Enterprise helps information extraction faster, simpler, and most of all, lowering costs for businesses.

iProfiler Enterprise is enhanced with intelligent dynamic indexing capability handling both structured and unstructed documents. With OCR/ICR/OBR recognition capabilities to eliminate time consuming data entry, automate lengthy data extraction work flow, increase productivity with intelligent dataset lookup,and simplify data publishing with iProfiler Enterprise multi-Project export.

Core Features

The features of iProfiler includes:

Universal TWAIN Support

iProfiler Enterprise is able to interact with any TWAIN Scanner. Thus any scanner can use iProfiler Enterprise as long as the run on TWAIN.

Document Alteration

iProfiler Enterprise is able to alter the document images by reordering, rotating and insert new images between the original.


iProfiler Enterprise can import a wide selection of image formats. Easily manage existing images of documents and include them into your document management platform.

Import PDF Documents

Same as images, you have the same functionality for PDF documents. Once you import them into iProfiler Enterprise, you can remove pages, edit or even insert new ones. With iProfiler Enterprise, document management application will be more versatile with the increased document types you can store.

OCR Full Text Verification

iProfiler Enterprise is powered with OCR technology. It can extract data from document images with a high accuracy which automatically transform documents of any structure and contents into usable and accesible business-ready data.

Direct Upload to Database

iProfiler Enterprise is able to interact with external databases. Thus, it can directly upload the documents into the databases with a click of a button.


Every industry deals with different forms and documents every day. With iProfiler, industries can process various documents for document processing to content extraction with quick and easy steps.


  • Patient Record
  • Loose Medical Forms
  • Doctor/Nurse notes


  • Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipts


  • Claim Forms
  • Policy Agreements
  • Application Forms


  • OMR Examination Form
  • Student Application
  • Surveys and Ballots

HR & Adminstration

  • Job Application Form
  • Review Forms
  • Leave Forms
  • Claim Forms

Banking & Finance

  • Application Forms
  • Credit Notes
  • Personal Financial Records
  • Loan Application

Transportation & Property

  • Landscape Documents Policies
  • Wide Format Print Outs
  • Agreements
  • Policies


iProfiler Enterprise User Guide


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